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The Monument in Time project was created by running 100,000+ simulations over several months through AI. From the output, 12000 pieces were then handpicked by a team over several weeks and then passed through several filters to create one of the most breathtaking art collections on the internet.

Roadmap: Welcome

Milestone 0 - Physical drop

All holders of the NFT will get access to the physical painting of the art (optional). A snapshot will be taken of the wallet addresses will be taken in July and the paintings will be shipped globally

Roadmap: Image

​Milestone 1 (20% of collection sold) - Ambience collection initiated -

NFT holders get exclusive presale access to the second collection "Ambience"

Roadmap: Image

Milestone 3 (60% of the collection sold) - Development of Metaverse art gallery initiated

We will build our own metaverse art gallery which will display every single NFT of the monument in time collection.
Evaluating Spatial , Decentraland, Sandbox

Roadmap: Image

Milestone 4 (80% of the collection sold) - Merch store initiatied

All NFT holders get access to exclusive merchandise of the monument in time collection

Roadmap: Image
Handshake in the Office

Milestone 5 (100% of collection sold) - Collaborations and partnerships

On the ground exhibitions, collaborations with brands

Roadmap: Image
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